Our mission is to reduce the number of sexual abuse victims through therapeutic intervention with perpetrators of sexual aggression.

In support of this mission, we shall:

  • adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards of our professions;
  • base all clinical and business decisions on community safety;
  • offer superior clinical intervention services;
  • be oriented and responsive to our clients’ needs;
  • treat our clients with respect and compassion while holding them responsible for their sexually aggressive behaviors;
  • provide an environment for professional excellence and growth for our employees.

Our Treatment Services and Programs

Rex D. Tuten, MS, LPC

Director, Forensic Services
Kevin Baldwin, Ph.D.

Clinical Staff
Kirsten Vinicor, LCSW
DaLin Broadwater, MS, LAPC, NCC
Gordon Shippey, LPC
Guneeta Singh, LCSW
Candice Osborn, MA, LPC
Suzanne Goodwin, MS, LAPC

Director of Operations
David B. Souza